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 Cheap Flights to Mombasa,Kenya from Nairobi

From: Nairobi
Destination: Mombasa,Kenya
Protection: Protected
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$ 98


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 Cheap Flights to Mombasa,Kenya from Nairobi

From: Nairobi
Destination: Mombasa,Kenya
Protection: Protected
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$ 110

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Excluding Taxes

Join Us for Flights to Mombasa from Nairobi

Yes that is right! Join us at Euro Africa Travel and get your flights to Mombasa from Nairobi at a price that suits you and fits within your budget. Do you think travelling to Kenya is expensive? If yes, think again because that doesn't have to be the case! We will never fail to provide you with a flight when you want and will try our best to work around your budget. Here are a few tips that will get you on those flights at a reasonable price:

Booking chartered flights to Mombasa from Nairobi is always a good option. Packages with a flight can save you more money than a separate flight. Following this option doesn't mean you will be staying in the accommodations of course, as that is your personal choice. Some charters do fly to Mombasa at the coast, as it is much closer to the beach resorts. It is also closer to major wildlife parks, such as Tsavo, east and West. Booking separate flights; as there are no direct flights from the USA or Canada. If you are travelling from North America, you will have to fly over Europe or the Middle East. You will usually save money by buying a first cheap ticket to Europe and then a separate ticket to Kenya. Once you have booked the flights, it is important you know what to take on that flight with you.

You can also choose to time your trip and go on a season that best suits you. The tourist seasons in Kenya are from December to January and July to August. This is the time when prices rise of both air tickets and accommodations. So if you choose to go outside these times, you are more likely to get yourself a better deal! The timing you travel in also plays a big part. Choosing to fly at inconvenient times (when there is less rush) will also give you better prices. These times can be from very early in the morning or late at night. Travelling on a weekday will have companies assume you are a tourist and not a business traveler. One thing to avoid is to fly on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday as these are the preferable days when tourists travel.

If you would like to make the vacation extra-long, then it’s never too late to purchase a ticket that will allow you to see the whole of Kenya. Finally, don’t book too soon! The Kenyan tourism sector is competitive, so make sure you do not pay with your hard-earned cash very soon! Be sure to ask around, check out all the packages and compare prices. For more information, you can always visit:

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